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I Do Solemnly Vow That I Will Search Until I Find You…

“Have you ever seen the Ted Talk ‘The Shared Experience of Absurdity‘?” I ask Mario as we sit in the Santa Barbara airport waiting for our flight. “No I haven’t…” he says shaking his head. “Oh my gosh!!!” My eyes light up, I whip out my iPhone, and swipe to the Ted App. “We’ve got 20 minutes so we’ve got to watch this -it’s my absolute favorite!” We huddle together over my small screen and laugh and grin as Charlie Todd makes a case for why we should make time to play as adults, and do  things that create small, surprising, and delightful moments for others.


Revisiting that energizing talk put me in a thoughtful mood. I realized, that’s exactly the kind of impact I want to have in my life and in my career. How can I create unforgettable experiences that surprise and delight? How can I disrupt your routine and make you witness something extraordinary? What can I create that sparks genuine human connection between people?  (more…)