Quantify the Hard Knock Life

“What the hell, I am not 52.” Hass grumbles. “Haha OMG!” I tap tap tap his arm to make him look at my results, “It said I look 32! I’m a fan, I’m typically pegged for 15 — 18 on a good day.” Emotions are high in the office as everyone gets their results back. Some are gleefully gloating while others are scoffing, rolling their eyes and objecting. The Microsoft application took the office by storm and was a sticky conversation piece for days on end.

Interesting to watch this phenomena in my little microcosm, which is like a Petridish version of what must have happened in the big old world. How old.net was contagious across social media and hit my Twitter trend board. Then there was this Canadian organization the Toronto Covenant House with an ingenious idea; leverage the popularity of this app is use it to tell a powerful story – one of homelessness. They uploaded pictures of Torontonian homeless, to predict their age. Then they blew these pictures up, shared that persons story of how they got to the street, and then revealed their REAL age. Microsoft says 45….he’s really 22. “Nothing steals youth like the street,” reads one caption. 

A Bottle Cap That Has the Highest Intangible Value

To give workers in the United Arab Emirates a treat far sweeter than a Coke, Coca-Cola created the “Hello Happiness Phone Booth,” which is a phone booth that accepts Coca-Cola bottle caps instead of money for a free 3-minute international phone call to reach their far away families. I love that Coke sought out such an authentic way to make a group of people sodeeply happy, and that it isn’t the usual consumer suspects that’s their target demographic for this campaign.

I Do Solemnly Vow That I Will Search Until I Find You…

“Have you ever seen the Ted Talk ‘The Shared Experience of Absurdity‘?” I ask Mario as we sit in the Santa Barbara airport waiting for our flight. “No I haven’t…” he says shaking his head. “Oh my gosh!!!” My eyes light up, I whip out my iPhone, and swipe to the Ted App. “We’ve got 20 minutes so we’ve got to watch this -it’s my absolute favorite!” We huddle together over my small screen and laugh and grin as Charlie Todd makes a case for why we should make time to play as adults, and do  things that create small, surprising, and delightful moments for others.


Revisiting that energizing talk put me in a thoughtful mood. I realized, that’s exactly the kind of impact I want to have in my life and in my career. How can I create unforgettable experiences that surprise and delight? How can I disrupt your routine and make you witness something extraordinary? What can I create that sparks genuine human connection between people?  (more…)