Something Dies When You Stop Hugging

When I was young my Mom used to call out, “Girleeeeeee!” in a silly voice and wrap me up in a hug, swaying back and forth. I’d laugh and say, “Madreeeeee!”, grab her forearms, and kiss her hands. I think back on those times fondly, because today I don’t get to see my Momma more than a few times a year.

When I do get to see Ma these days, it’s a little like getting reacquainting with an old friend. We talk about what’s new for her, what’s new for me, and slowly the unknown about the other melts away, and we fall back into our normal rhythm.

I remember one time my mom was visiting me in Austin, it was her first night in town, and we were sharing a bed. I said to her, “night Mom,” and turned over to go to sleep, but then I felt this urge to turn back around, wrap my arm around her, cuddle her, and say, “I love you.” It felt wonderful and strange at the same time, because we didn’t do that a whole lot anymore. Obviously I love my Ma, but snuggling with her like when I was a little girl was such a comfort and connection for both of us.

This ad put out recently by Fairy reminds us to #NeverStopHugging. As they put it:

From the moment they’re born, we hug our babies constantly, because we know instinctively the power those hugs can bring. They make us feel safe, nurtured, connected and loved. But as our babies grow up, we embrace them less and less. So why do we stop? Fairy Non Bio believe in the Power of Soft, and champion the idea that we should never stop hugging our babies – no matter how old they are.

Babies, mommas, poppas….same thing. We the big babies should heed the same beautiful reminder that things don’t have to change with our parents as we get older.

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