I’ve Got a Special Place in My Heart for Wiggles, Hugs, and Noxious Gas

“Mugsey!”: we freeze, the air drips with anticipation

“To the Moog Mobile!!”

You bolt – we’re on an adventure is your expectation.


I find you by the family van, doing laps round and round,

Then you jump in the front seat, because you know we’re beach-bound.

bee sting
When Muggy got stung by a bee

Muggy, you’re a smart dog – opening doors was a self-taught skill,

But such a monkey! You ring the bell to go out – just for the thrill.


Your energy’s contagious, especially when you greet folk,

You skip, slide, do backflips, because you’re excited to meet folk.

Mugsey at Christmas

Yet sometimes you’re more a little more ‘bull in a China shop,’

Like the time you clotheslined me running…that was a little over-the-top.


We burn your excess energy by running you alongside the van

You keep lockstep with the driver-side – and run 35 mph like a wild man.


My friends all love you Mug, you’re their favorite dog,

Cause you jump on the tramp with us like a little frog.


While you can’t beg at the dinner-table (that’s dad’s deal),

You always come hang with the fam once we finished our meal.


You put your head in my lap and give me a practiced puppy face,

And if I crack a smile, you paw your way up to my shoulders to embrace.


Muggy, you’re close-to perfect, but there’s a few areas I gotta be cautious,

You eat tissues out my trash and really…your farts are quite noxious.

Sleeping pup

Nonetheless, you’re the ultimate partner and pal,

Like when Na and I left the roost, you kept up Dad’s morale.


Muggy, it’s been some years since I saw you last,

How old are you now? Nevermind…I don’t want to ask.


It hurts my heart to see you slow down,

Your little muzzle is now grey rather than brown.


Although your bones are creaky and you’re not in the best state,

Your little stubby tail is still wagging at the same rate.

My little old man
My little old man

You’re such a big hearted doggy, there ain’t chest-space for that cancer,

Why Muggy why?? You leaving us doesn’t feel like the answer.


But you’re gone now, and I have to say “Rest in peace Mugs,”

I really miss you, and ask the angels to send you doggie hugs.

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