Validating Life’s Biggest Decision Through Time Travel

Love done well means it softens overtime. Your heart grows fonder and fonder of your partner as time goes on. Usually, it takes decades for this to really manifest itself, but in a very cool simulation, a gaggle of make-up artist take a young to-be-wed, twenty-something couple, and speed them through their future, revealing what they look like at 50, 70, 90.

Each time they turn around and see the other person it’s such a shock – they laugh, they cry, and then say: “I love you,” and “you’re beautiful at this age.” As they get ‘older’ the emotions get more intense. When they reveal their 90 year-old wrinkled faces, they become the most affectionate towards each other. She says, “there’s just a comfort and seeing you at this age. It makes me realize that you are the one I want to be with, and I couldn’t imagine going through all those years without you. It makes me more sure today that marrying you was the right decision.” And then, the director asks what their final words might be to each other. (Sidenote: can you imagine being asked that at 25??) Beautifully, those last words turn into their wedding vows.

This quirky simulation was more than a fun experiment — it’s a gift to these two young people who were able to get a taste of life’s wisdom far earlier than they were supposed to. It removed any fear and uncertainty about the impending next-step in their life, and help them see that whatever they faced together, it was worth it to them to fight for.

Touché to the artists; that’s a real gift to give someone.

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