Exploding Pumpkins, Cinder Blocks to the Chest, and a Few Life Lessons to Boot.

No one falls asleep in Jeffrey Wright’s high school physics class. Happy, crazy, and unpredictable are the words students use at Louisville High School to describe their teacher. Exploding pumpkins, hovercrafts and an experiment involving a bed of nails, a cinder block and a sledgehammer, are some of the crazy stunts that keep the students on the edge of their seats.

Mr. Wright captivates his classroom audience, and after wowing them with a mind-boggling show, he induces them to ask “What? Why? How?” and subsequently gets them to wonder and hunger to understand how the world works.

But really, it’s Mr. Wright’s experiences as a father of a special needs son, and his teachings about love, family, and the meaning of life that leave the deepest impact on his students.

Damn this video is well worth the 10 minutes.

A film by Zack Conkle.

Video from KarmaTube

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